This Week in Career Advice

Are you a job seeker, or just looking to better your professional skills? Here’s a top list of employment articles you may have missed this week.

The 10 Worst Things to Post on Social Media. Whatever your social media poison (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram), learn these social media don’ts and protect your professional image while job hunting!

What’s The First Step When You’re Ready For A Career Change? Sometimes realizing you’re ready to move on from your current position is the easy part. But what are the next steps?

How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Ready for Your Job Search in 30 Minutes We’re all busy people, but who doesn’t have 30 minutes to put towards finding that next great job!

4 Reasons Why Your Resume Needs A SummaryDid you know most hiring managers only spend 7 seconds reading a resume? Find out why yours should include an opening summary.

5 Ways You’re Scaring The Hiring Manager At An InterviewWith Halloween behind us, lets also put scary interview behavior to rest. Learn the hidden ways in which you’re scaring the hiring manager.

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