This Week in Career Advice: How did you handle a difficult situation? (Video)

Jobspeaker is back again with great advice on the right way to tell future employers how you handled a difficult situation. Get your pencils out, because this one requires a little planning.  

When an employer asks you to describe a time “you handled a difficult situation,” they’re really looking for a time when you employed your critical thinking skills, took charge of a situation, and collaborated with team members. Essentially, they’re looking for a moment when you proved you were a leader.

To prepare for this question, spend some time thinking about a moment when you took control of a situation. Do not use a situation where you passed the buck to upper management. Build a story around the situation that showcases what action you took and how you and your team solved the problem at hand.

Jobspeaker also encourages you to use the Par model to construct an effective story:

  1. Problem: Identify the problem. What was the issue?
  2. Action: How did you and your coworkers analyzed the problem and took actions to solve the issue?
  3. Result: What was the positive outcome that resulted from the action?

Watch the full video below:

“How did you handle a difficult situation?” in Job Interview

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