This Week in Career Advice: Settling and Fitting In

Every week, the Employment Blog revisits the week’s top career articles. This week, we take a look at fitting in at work, settling for jobs you do not want, and including your employment status on LinkedIn.


Why You Shouldn’t Settle for a Job You Don’t Want

Often when job-hunting, a sense of panic sets in and we take the first opportunity offered rather than holding off for something better. But rather than accepting the devil you know (i.e. an unfulfilling job), you should face the devil you don’t (i.e. the undetermined amount of time you’ll remain unemployed) head-on and with confidence.

It should be noted, this article distinguishes between making the safe bet and the smart bet when reviewing job offers.

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New Employee? Learn How To Fit In

We’ve all been the new person in the office a time or two before. So bookmark this article with tips on fitting in to help you transition into your new office culture quickly and gracefully.

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Should You Say You’re Job-Hunting on LinkedIn?

After recently attending a networking event, a reader was told not to advertise the fact that they’re unemployed and seeking a new opportunity on LinkedIn. Is this true? Are companies only interested in attracting passive candidates? Forbes’ Liz Ryan weights-in.

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